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January 8, 2020


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Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical marijuana has proven very revolutionary in treating some stubborn conditions and managing chronic pain. However, patients don’t get a prescription of medical marijuana simply like they would with over the counter drugs. Medical marijuana can only be found in the legalized dispensaries. To verify that your prescription has been given by a doctor and justified, you will need to have a medical card.

This helps the authorities to have in their database the people taking medical marijuana legally. Many may mistakenly think that obtaining these cards is easy but in fact it’s a process with lots of restrictions. These cards are offered as part of a program and the doctors and the dispensaries distributing the drug are closely watched by the authority. The medical cards have to be renewed because once they have been issued they come with an expiry date. The cards applicability will vary with the state they were issued, not all states have the same laws and it takes understanding each.

With some cards, the patient will not just use the medical marijuana or transport it, they can actually grow it but only for their own use. The right to grow will be afforded the immediate caregiver where a patient cannot do it on their own. The process of getting a card begins when a qualified doctor makes a recommendation for you to get one. They will perform an evaluation on your conditions to be certain about your case. By holding valid card that adheres to the law of your state is the only legal way to use medical marijuana. The process should begin by first understanding whether your condition could benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

The next thing you need to look at is the limit for your state, this is the amount that you can have at one time or grow. After you have seen the doctor and secured the recommendation , the next thing will be to craft an application. You will have to meet the fee that has been set out by the state to get the card, this differs from state to state. Your address will also be necessary if your card is to be processed. The next step will be to wait for the card to be approved and issued. Look around for dispensaries where you will get your prescription refills from. To avoid being in conflict with the law, have your card on you always to produce when called upon by law enforcement.

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