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July 19, 2020


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The Positive Contribution of Organizations in Thanksgiving Holidays

For every year that Thanksgiving comes around there is a celebration of the fall harvest and for many other blessings that were bestowed in the past year for individuals and country at large. That day is a holiday and it is waited for eagerly and celebrated with glee in a number of countries; it is thought to have begun long back in 1621 as a harvest festival and up to now the gist of the celebrations has been the Thanksgiving dinner, usually consisting of traditional foods served with in a celebratory mood in many fortunate families and also at centers that serve food for the homeless and the less fortunate in the society.

*As a sign of their Thanksgiving some people decide to offer themselves help the sick, the homeless, and the lesser endowed families in their communities, usually through participation in the preparation of food to eat in the run-up to and on the actual Thanksgiving day; so that the mood is universal for everyone irrespective of their Individual situations or circumstances. It is common to find companies and organizations, the religious groups and other business entities pouring resources to support the efforts of Thanksgiving, aligning their visions with community-based wellness interests and agenda, using Thanksgiving to represent the apex of their extended visions by offering to the society, the caring and support for the afflicted and less fortunate people in the society.

*Some companies use the occasion to brand themselves to attain visibility above-normal as they help the other people to celebrate, knowing that the brands will remain beyond Thanksgiving Day. *In this case it may seem as if Thanksgiving is a day taken for spree marketing and competition between companies and organizations for the consumers’ note. *Luckily it is the best interests of the sick, the poor families, and the homeless that are served while brands fight it out silently for advantage over each other.

*Traditionally, the activities of the feeding programs bulge a day or two earlier in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday so companies and organizations gear up earlier to support the feeding facilities so that they no food and service shortfalls come to the poor and the needy. *Until the festivities come to a successful end, the support is sustained after which life will go back to normal until the following year’s celebrations come calling. *Anything that unites people for a better future is obviously welcome, and for companies and organizations putting their best foot forward to express themselves positively is a good step and is always welcome.

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